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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thanks to Sydney for sharing this with us and to our Holland family for sharing this with us.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Email from Kees and Saskia van der Meer...

This diary calendar was given to Grandma Jetske de Boer by J. Gerbensma de Boer on March 19th, 1912 in Langweer.

Grandma Jetske de Boer wrote on May 19th "Gerrit de Boer"

Grandma Jetske de Boer wrote on February 20th "Our son G. de Boer left for America, 1947"

Kees van der Meer wrote...

"Hallo Sidney,
As we were looking through Uncle sip's papers we found an old notebook with each day a special philosofical thought, dated Langweer, 19 march 1912 given by J. Gerbensma- de Boer to your grandmother

She used it for a long time ( till the end of the 1940's ) as a calander for special days like birthdays.

I thought maybe you would like to see 2 special days

1 .20 febr. It says : Onze zoon G de Boer vertrokken naar Amerika 1947 = Our son G. de Boer left for USA 1947

2 .19 may Gerrit de Boer ( Birthday)

3 . = frontcover of the notebook.

greetings kees"

This was from one of our cousins in nice they remembered us.


Alicia "Al" Krisher-Behm said...

Such a wonderful treasure for u guys!

JKLMNOP said...

Happy Birthday Ruth! Hope it is as wonderful as can be!