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Saturday, March 31, 2012


Last weekend I was invited to spend the weekend with Enid in our old home town..

After chores on Friday evening we went out to eat in Abbotsford before heading to her house, (She helps with dairy chores on her brother's farm and her old home.)

On Saturday we were met by some other ladies for coffee and cookies. Later we all went out to the cemetary to go to Lynda's honor of six months of being without her.. everyone had different memories of her that we all enjoyed sharing. For lunch we all went to an Asian place...yum..

Enid needed to go to do her I just rested and read.. in her very cozy guest room.

 Need to tell the story about what happened on Sunday when we were gone to meeting....Don said he heard a big he looked around on the main floor and the basement and didn't see we were joking that we had a Meford they had in Clintonville.... well when I went to get my things to go home I found the cause....a shelf fell of the wall struring shells all over...the vase and shelf landed on the bed!!! glad it happened when I was gone!!

On Sunday I went to Dick's for meeting which is where we went for twenty some years....

Jill, Enid,Betty
Don waiting on us with his white towel and coffee.

Betty, Harriet,and Cindy

no stone yet...A wood sign held in place by solar lights...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Trevor's new room..

Trevor moved down to the girls' room and they moved there was some renovating and painting and new carpet and then the move was done...

The girls' new room....

Emily's bed..

Erin's bed...Oh!!! how I like to lay on my bed and read (now days it and ipad)

birthday cakes..larged cupcakes made lemonade cake and frosting...YUMMY

The bed in a bag was my birthday gift to the girls.

garden shed..

Where Mason is so is Shooter! Mason was telling me how big the tires are.

Sitting on the fuel tanks.

unloading it off the truck..

Where the home of the shed will the area wher the stump is..
.more trees to cut down.

We are going to put up a garden will be barn shaped.. Chris wanted to get one that he could build....that's what we was delivered yesterday....Mason loved the big truck!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Beautiful March weather..

For the most part March has been very nice with temps in the high 60's and low 70' that means getting out and doing some yard work...discussing what changes are going to be made and just generally cleaning up the flower beds and lawn..

Of course Mason finds all the mud and Shooter is right along with him...

Mason loves to play in the sandbox with his cars, trucks, tractors and whatever....
Shawn likes to play ball and of course Mason is right there too...

On Thursday I went down to Kara's so I could go to Trevor's choir concert...the junior high are going down to play at the beginning of the games in Milwaukee.

Friday was Emily and Erin's 10th birthday.....I stayed to help get their friends from school for their party.

shoe on a stick after losing it in the mud!

Shooter and I taking a little break

Mason and Daddy after loading up the leaves..

Em and Erin both decided that they wanted dirt cake for their party...after they ate them
they were going to plant beans in the pots...

Friday, March 9, 2012


This table  belonged to one of Chris' grandparent and no one else wanted I am using it for my table in my little house.. My big table found and home at Levi and Kayla's home.

I painted it black and the black chair came from Goldie and long time ago...the white chairs are a garage sale find and are just the rightness of shabby!

March snow....

Trevor had solo ensemble last I went down there Friday afternoon before we got our big snow...Emily took these pictures of the pretty that it makes. We have not had a lot of  snow this winter and most of the time it melted soon after it came....Winter Wonderland!!!

Trevor participated in  four different things and a First on all of them...going to this reminded me of the time when we went with girls.