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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tuesday we got a little bit of snow..(most is gone now) I was watching Mason for the morning and soon I could feel the door from the house to the gargage open....( a new thing that he can do is open the doors)... so I went to see what he was up to....WELLLLL the garage to outside doors were open too AND out the window I see Mason and the dog heading for the first thought was that uncle Bob-Bob was out there.....but no just the boy and his dog and a snowshovel!!! Oh and for shoes Mason was wearing a  pair of Dad's clogs!!!!!  NOW the dead bolt is on when I'm watching him!!!!!!!



III and notice the shoes!!!!

So for their outside play I let them go out on the deck to play in the snow....they can't get off the deck except to go through the house....the first picture is Mason's toys...he brought them in when he was done with them...!!! They were both wet but happy when they come in!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

what is Mason doing

helping Granny.....

fixing a lotion potion!!

sitting in a box eating popcorn..
do you think he has any relationship to Great-grandpa Krisher and
Grandpa Harold!!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

in the kitchen...

This week Chris put the rolling shelves in the 3 cupboards that did not have them ... and then I cleaned them and arranged them...I really like them for finding stuff and putting it away....

Then  the cookbooks needed a new this shelf had give up the back of it to them....
I found a piece of John Deere material in my stuff so sewed  up a little curtain to cover the junk stuff that was up there and now moved to the front.

It was fun sewing this little curtain because I finally had someone look at and fix my sewing machine...before it was very frustrating...the bobbin was the problem.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mason to Granny's.....

Whenever I go downstairs in the evening Mason always wants to come too....he'll stand at the gate with he sad face and saying "grania"

So this afternoon I came down and it was the same thing...he came to visit...first thing he gets is an old popcorn tin that  has some old kitchen toys in it....Pretty soon I hear him in the fridge and he comes to me with a can of pop and one of the little cups from the dish set......of course Granny gives in!!!

cup of "tea"