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Saturday, January 29, 2011


Last Saturday Kayla and I met with a few other friends and made some cards...Michelle showed us some different ideas.... we liked them and it was fun to get together with "the girls"

Yesterday Kayla came over and we played around with the cricut, making penguins...we made some big ones ...5 inches and then tried one bitty one.. 1 inch...she wants them for Riley's birthday... And to end the day we went to Kara's where we had a short time with her and the girls and then to town to pick up Trevor...spent a little time in the library and then met Terry and had supper with  him and the rest. Later Kara, Kayla and I went to out scrap page workshop. We got to drive home in snow and rain...the last part from Waupaca to Ogdensburg was looooonnnnnngggg!!

 Glad for the times to get out and do these things...seems winter is long ....

Family Ties
Winter togetherness

Made six was already sent to my sister!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

along the road..

This afternoon we went to town for a little "get away from the house"...not too far down the road from home a bald eagle was sighted in the tree....when we left I had thought of leaving my camera home...but I put it in my purse... We had to turn around and go back and them turn around again to come back so we could get pictures. He didn't even fly away when we stopped close to get pictures..

Beauty in the country!

Friday, January 14, 2011


Levi and Kayla had a reception just after the new year.. just couple pictures...Kayla's Dad and aunt Linda made the cake ..... it looked like a real sand castle!!!  I tried to make one on the beach with Mason but he kept knocking it down.

cutting the cake

The centerpieces were candles on a plate with Spanish moss from Mexico around them as well as shells and flowers made in the wedding colors.



It's been nine years since this happened and all the changes that came into my life....

from this to...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

picture frame...

This is from the class that we take in Berlin....just had to find a picture of Dad with his coffee cup and the teapot is on the counter!!

vintage cards

Alicia , Kayla and I went to a class at Archiver's today and this is what we made...did learn so new techniques...Like the lilies the best.
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