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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Found going through my pictures.

Janna had mentioned of seeing these papers in the safe when she was looking for the abstract for the farm.. I remembered seeing them and taking pictures of them..but I have quite a time finding pictures when I want them...but happened across them this afternoon.
I'm waiting for Kara to help me organize my pictures..(hint-hint!!!)

This is a picture of Mom's diploma from eighth grade. She never went on to high school. She still is a whiz a playing scrabble...I played several games with her in the last few months..but could never win!

This is a picture of Mom and Dad's wedding certificate.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sunday duds

This picture was taken Sunday morning before meeting..Shawn was excited because Mason had a button down shirt on like he did. Mason was really drooling..but as of this morning (Tuesday) he has a least one more tooth..on the top.


We had some special guests here for a couple of days...we enjoyed them.

Yesterday when I went in the guest room I saw how it had been rearranged to have a light by the chair...I liked what had been took and picture and also asked that it be left that way. She had to go hunting for the my extra closet..just fun to me.

dad singing

Here's the video of Dad the apartment.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

fashion shoes!

Yesterday,2-19-20, I had surgery on the 4th toe on both now for at least 10 days I get to wear these really fashionable shoes. But I am hoping when this is all healed that I might be able to wear nice looking shoes. While I was down helping Mom and Dad my feet got really the point that shoes were the nursing home they all laughed at me wearing flip flops in the dead of winter..I did wear boots out in the snow..

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Jenae!!

When I was in kindergarten I got to go to school one day in February and announce that I had a baby sister! Such an exciting thing to tell in show and tell! Now she is a Mom to three and a GrandMom to four and another soon to appear...unreal how the years fly by...but we sure enjoy our kids and grandkids.. Happy Birthday from the Wisconsin families.

Friday, February 12, 2010

All My Spring Arise in Jesus

One Wednesday night in the apartment in LeMars Dad had the idea there was going to be meeting there(like they had on the farm)...there was gospel meeting in Sioux City so there was not a bible study..anyway Dad looks at the clock and says at 7:00 we are going to sing "All My Springs Arise in Jesus".. he goes on to tell how Don Patton taught him how to sing that at 7 Dad starts singing...sings a bit and then ask if we aren't going to sing with I did, but I also taped it on my camera..I'm so glad I is so special to have it ... I hope I can share it on my blog.. I've tried a few times and it doesn't seem to work...but want to share the story anyway..this was on 12-09-2009

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Our little fellow in tennis shoes and blue jeans!

Mason has gone almost eight months of life without shoes..once in a while he wore Winnie the Pooh slippers from Great-grandma Christiansen but no shoes.

I got him a pair of tennis shoes...they make him look so grown up!

Sewing projects.

yo yo up close.

window above the stove.

silver spoon brackets.

I was to Kara's the beginning of the week for a couple days. I worked on sewing curtains for her kitchen and dining rooms. She had found the material she liked so the rest was up to me!

They were all nothing too difficult to do..she was able to use old silver spoons to hold the ones up in the kitchen area..a fun way to bring in old things.

The dining room one were tab curtains using gross grain ribbon for the tabs and then I made yo yos to add a little to them. It was the first time I'd ever made them...and Erin was able to learn how to do them too! She is our little "Miss Homemaker" always wanting to learn to sew, crochet or whatever.

It was fun to sew again.

Happy Golden Birthday Trevor!

Today our first grandson and grandchild is having his golden birthday turning eleven on the eleventh!

He is in the fifth grade and does very well in school. He loves to read and enjoys toys that you can build with and also likes games on the computer.

I don't have a recent picture except this one with his headgear..Kara took a good one on Sunday at his family birthday...maybe she will was Trevor and me.

Love you Trevor!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy Birthday little sis!!!

Janna's first birthday!!

Way back when on a Wednesday night a little girl was added to our family..that night Grandma Faber stayed with us while Dad was gone to the hospital. It was not normal for Grandma to stay with us since they lived so close by...that made it special and so was the new sister!!!!!!!!!!