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Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Chris

We had Chris' immediate family here for dinner yesterday... Chris did most of the cooking..other brought desserts and there was plenty!! Had 20 people for the evening we went to Chris' paternal grandpa's place for a fish fry...Chris' dad does a lot of fishing and then he fried it up...very yummy!!
All is cleaned up .. so will put a few pictures of the day here...

Monday, December 22, 2008

No trip for me

All this cold, wind and snow made me decide to not make the trip to Iowa..thanks to my sis in making it possible for the folks to get to my nephew's wedding.. When the weather was nice it sounded like a good idea...guess I forgot how winter can be.

Last week all the grandkids had concerts at school and was able to get to them...

Saturday we had around 35 people here for a potluck was Chris' family on his mother's side..There was plenty of food and the kids had a good time playing together..

The outdoor wood stove is doing a good job of keeping the house comfy..especially with the below zero was already -11.

No pictures with this post as the newest ones are downloaded on the new computer that does not have internet..

Friday, December 12, 2008


The moon is the full phase tonight and it's suppose to be very close to the has not been this close in 15 years..when it came up tonight it was bright, but the clouds kept moving in front of it.. here are some pictures that I took and then edited them on Corel...


Yesterday I went to Trevor's DARE graduation...There are only 6 kids in his they all read what they learned from the class.
There was a special awared given and Trevor was the one that the teachers chose to get.. It is in memory of one of the teacher's grandfather who used to teach the class.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


I spent Friday night with Kara's family..she had a seminar on Saturday so I got a chance to play with the kids...
Sunday after meeting Scott and Julie had a pot luck...Shawn kept saying we were staying for a "feast"..kinda cute!!! had 2 feasts ...both were very good for us..
The kids had fun playing with other kids...
Just some pictures of the weekend..
Erin crocheting.
Emily getting a game ready.
Trevor shoveling snow.
Erin and Emily's "static" hair.....

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Winter is here!!

Just some pictures of the weather here..the last of the sky yesterday before the snow...and the others are what I see out my windows...thought it was so pretty how the snow just capped the flower heads.. and the light is just right very early in the morning..
Chris has been working on putting my new computer in..he showed me how to load my pictures and etc. on worked on that today... right now I have 2 computers..cuz we don't have the wireless card installed in the new one yet..
I'm still learning how these things work...don't know if I will ever catch on to all of it......