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Friday, July 19, 2013

Where to begin???

Since the last post much has gone on....

Came back from the trip.... I have been going through all the boxes of my things that were cleaned by
Square One and sorting the things to keep, give away or find a home here in the house for them...There were 200 and some boxes...I now have gone through all except 10 or so.

I did spent a little time with Levi, Kayla, and Taelynn.

Another day I went to Kara's for the day and made dinner...Kara had suggested that she was hungry for my macaroni and with Erin's help in finding things in the new kitchen we got it made.. We also made a rhubarb dump cake for rhubarb from the new garden.  And also watched as they put their things up to make the house their home.

Alicia has been busy with Harold and trying to get him better after a nervous breakdown..he is in the
Tomah VA hospital getting treatment...seems to be getting better.

I bought Levi and Kayla's PT Cruiser and sold mine....the AC in mine didn't work and there were other problems too.

I also found a piano at the right price and it was in Waupaca, so not so far the move...but it had to moved up 7 not an easy task. The woman that had it had it for 30 some years and only owner and kept it tuned. Mason has been liking it. I just found some music books and now I can practice.

I have been working on my rooms...still boxes to get rid of... The other day Chris put the crates up under the bay window to use for a bookcase. Alicia came up with this idea and really like how it turned out and even the colors that Chris picked out!!

Shooter got  hair cut to help him be cool in this HOT weather and hoping for less shedding!

Our dark wood is really pretty but it does show the hair more than the light wood we had before.

Yesterday we went down the Wolf River on a pontoon boat that belongs to Chris' was a great way to spent the day and try to beat the heat. The wind in your hair felt good and we did go into Lake Pogon a little ways and feeling the waves was really relaxing.

Taelynn and Mommy...she likes her nuk

Taelynn and Mommy at the 4th of July parade
and Great-Grandma Bruin is in the background.

.Shooter after his haircut.

Going down the Wolf River.
Shawn, Shooter, Bayley

enjoying the ride

Swimming on the sand bar. Shooter and Mason were the same
they liked to be in the water and then come back on the boat
and as soon as they were back on they wanted to be in the
water. Shooter would get tired and then go to someone to
hold him so he could rest and then of swimming he would go.

A picture Alicia took of  Shawn and Mason.

A picture of my headboard is and old window with curtains swagged
on it. Room is coming together.

My sitting room as it is now...can see the crates under the window.
Quilt rack made by Grandpa L. Krisher and a quilt made
and embroidered by my Mom Rosa Faber deBoer.  The quilt
was made when the USA had 48 states.