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Monday, February 25, 2013

winter projects...

I have been doing some sewing lately....the first was a flannel blanket for TJ that was sewn in the rag quilt...the one side is rag and the other looks like a  normal quilt...pattern in the same on both sides.
for TJ and mama

When shopping with Kayla I found a pattern for making a "hobo" bag and so have sewing them...the first is the pattern that I bought and the other one was one I got of a blog....I had to do some changes on this one. Today I started another pattern so will see how that one turns out.

Bald Eagle

We leave in an area where there are several bald is so exciting to see them...on the way to meeting this one was sitting very close to the road in a field watching some crows feeding on something.

just waiting......

when we stopped he took off and went to perch on
top of the high line electric pole

House on the back side...

A picture of the west side of the house since the new wall and window
have been installed. The kitchen addition as of 2-22-13.

Friday, February 22, 2013

slowly coming..

The rebuilding of the house goes slow....most of the windows are in and the wiring is done as far as it can go....the plumber was there this week and did some work and the showers and one tub were delivered.

They started on the kitchen addition...walls are framed in and the hole in the logs cut to the main part of the house... a small part of the addition will be and addition to the laundry room and entry area.

We are going to rent this house for an extra month....does not seem like it will be done by the end of March and moving twice does not sound like much fun....but hoping they will move forward fast anyway..

The new windows in the west wall.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

de Boer means the Farmer...

This was read during half time of the Super Bowl....this bought memories of Dr. Robinson..he had this on the wall of the that time we were farmers and it was always a favorite of mine..he said I could have it but I never took it...Now Alicia took it and made a picture of it with this picture of Dad working in his fitting

And one on our farm in Dorchester Wisconsin,

old building in Waupaca Wisconsin

These three are of an old feed mill in town.

This old building has a feed sign on it ... reminds me of the farm in Iowa.


The last two weekends I've been to Levi and Kayla's to do some sewing....made a bedskirt for TJ's crib and sewed a valence for the nursery window. I also sewed a slipcover for the glider rocker that they plan to put in the nursery.

Of course we did do some shopping in there too.....material and some things so Kayla can organize her craft stuff.....

At home I sewed on a rag quilt for the new to use my new sewing machine..

Things on the house scene go slow...anyway to to took longer for them to get the log wall out and then putting it in did not go very fast...but they did get that done last week and got the floor in in  the loft and bridge.

Thursday Elaine and I shopped for light fixtures for my bedroom and bathroom and sitting room...

Winter weather has been here again...had another snow and this weekend most what we got has been a lot of rain.