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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Chris bought one of Dad's tractors and then repainted it.

Erin, Mason, Emily

Last week on the 9th was son-in-law Terry's birthday..he went with his family to Noah's Ark for the day.

We left on Friday with the camper to spend the weekend with Mandy and her family...we got to go to the Kleinstick meeting and had dinner with Roger and Cindy.
We saw Rod too as he brought some bushes and trees to Mandy's. Her boys are growing..Izack is 19 months old and Ethan is 7 months. They had fun playing with Mason....Mason gave out hugs freely.

On Saturday we took a drive to see the Dorchester farm..we did stop at the neighbors where the girls used to babysit.... Alicia had a short visit with Mary.

We drove around Medford and out to the farm on S and S Lane and then had dinner at the Medford Cafe where Alicia used to work. Alicia had not been back for a long time and Chris had never seen what we always talk about!

We took a day to swimming with Emily and Erin last week...Erin passed so she could dive off the diving board...she does good and so did mommy!!!

This week we had two days to scrapbook...Kayla was here on Monday as was Kara and family and they got to stay til Tuesday.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Kayla!!!

She's down at the beach taking pictures....what she likes to do...

Hope you have a good day.. and we'll scrapbook tomorrow!!


The week before the 4th we went camping with Chris' friends Kevin and Michelle and family. It was not far from home so those that had to work could still come after work to enjoy some time there. Shawn and Mason had a good time...Mason was ever so happy cuz he could be "out". Shawn had his bike so could ride the campground and we rented a golf cart so the rest could get around...this time we were further from the swimming pond and jumping pillow so was nice to have that.
Kayla and her cousin Alissa came out and spent one day and night.
Fourth of July weekend we went to the parade in Manawa and the one in Waupaca. We went to Hidden Waters for fireworks. Waupaca's fireworks were done in the rain...
Alica was able to be with us for the camping and weekend...she is off work cuz of a back injury...she's hoping to go back this week.

part of the campsite...we had a screen house for eating..that we nice cuz there were a lot of tiny flies around especially in the morning.

The set up we used when feeding Mason...worked!!! and he ate pretty good for him..

Shawn on his bike and Mason in the new sprinkler he got from Nana and Papa for his birthday...

a sunset picture at Hidden Waters

Friday, July 2, 2010