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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Keller's Park and Big and Little Falls

Elaine and I went for a ride one see sights that neither of us had seen.

Keller's Lake

Keller's Lake

Big Falls


Light house in Little Falls Wisconsin

below the lighthouse

Little Falls Park

Crossing the river in Little Falls

Swinging bridge .... reminds me of the swinging bridges we crossed in Hawaii
they were much longer but at the time we crossed them there was no water below.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Flower and Flag

Hydranga...the color is so pretty!

Hibiscus..they are right outside of my bay window.

In early summer there was something eating the rose leaves
after spraying them they came back and bloomed beautifully.

New flag the old one was tattered.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

August trip to Minnesota

We took a trip to Minnesota to get in on some of the action at Williams's was a busy time as usual...but fun and we had the camper which we pulled with Harold's pickup. It is a diesel so the mileage was much better.

We also went to Sibley Iowa to see Mom and we took a drive to the cemetery on the third anniversary of Dad's passing. We wanted flowers and thought we could find wild ones to pick but the roadsides didn't have when we got there there was a corn field next to the cemetery....Alicia went over and picked a couple cobs to lay by the stone.  Very fitting as Dad was a farmer all his life.

Mom's birthday is the 25th so we celebrated with a big dinner at Kerry and Janna's..had lots of fresh produce...YUMMY.
Mason and Shawn laying the corn by the stone.

Mason and Shawn

The story behind the chair is that Alicia borrowed out of Janna's porch to use as
a photo prop for taking pictures of the boys...Janna noticed the chair was gone before
we got back to her house!!!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Getting some things done

This is a rocker that I got from Dad and Mom when their house
was broken up. It had first belonged to her Uncle Hessell
from Orange City Iowa. I had recovered it when I brought it
home. Then after the fire it needed to be redone. I found the little
footstool and covered it to match.

A picture of my wall of cross stitches that I had done
in the 80's....

To have a little more storage Kara said why not put crates above the windows
also....I like it and that I can put some dishes there...we now have little lights
running across the top and into the makes a good night light too.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

door from Pearson's

This door came out of Dick and Lyn Pearson's old house...this
is the house that we first went to meeting at when we moved to
the Medford Wisconsin area. When they built their new house we
took some of the woodwork from there to use on our house.
Do to time and circumstances most of it was lost one way or
another..the door remained and I had hoped to use it my house in
New London.  Now it found a home as a backdrop to my desk in my
new abode.

Thursday, August 8, 2013


The crew is taking the garage down so they can get the cars..the piano in the foreground
was in the garage...Chris, Harold, Mason and I went over to Kayla's grandparents. Chris
hauled many loads back to the woods.

Here you can see where the house was moved off the foundation by the winds that
they later called a tornado. There was lots of damage by this storm across our area.
Lots and lots of trees were destroyed.

Interior of the house..dining area and kitchen

A lot of their trees were broken down or pulled out roots and all.