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Monday, September 21, 2015

August flowers 2015

Last winter was hard on some of the flowers. We lost several roses especially. While I've been
 Home sitting Bella and Shooter I've taken some photos of the blossoms in the front yard. I've also been trying to blog on my I Pad....  Which I did not have much luck with.
 I'm trying to up date this blog..soon after my late post I was going to mow the lawn for Chris...I did not even get one pass and while going down the bank I was thrown off the tractor and landed on my back....I thought I was okay...but not so... a couple people stopped and helped and Bill the neighbor came over also an EMT...they helped call Levi and they came and took me to ER. A CT scan showed 7 broken ribs on the left side. I had an ambulance ride to Theda Clark....very rough ride! Elaine met me there and stayed for a while. I spent 3 days there and was home a couple days and had a problem with the pain meds....causing me to e kinda I then spent 2 weeks in rehab.....painful and helpful.

After coming home I was able to go to Marion for convention.....spending time between meetings laying down in the older ladies place!                                                          

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Pet sitting...

Chris , Alicia, Shawn and Mason are on a trip to South Dakota. I am watching the 2 dogs and 2 cats and 2 kittens!

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Ruth Renae deBoer Krisher

Being a GRANNY...

Erin, Granny, Emily
Granny Ruth with Mason and Shawn
Granny with my little missy Taelynnn

Taelynn, Erin, Emily Shawn, Mason and Trevor with Granny on the wood pile.



Levi, Taelynn, Kayla

Daddy and Mommy what are you doing?

River in the background is pretty.

Look where I am...ready to go canoeing...


Alicia, Mason, Shawn, Chris
Mason 5, Shawn 12, Shooter


Sitting in the woods.

Shawn and Mason

At the "kissing booth"
8 year anniversary.

In the river....

Mason playing in the river...

Shooter loving it in the park...