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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My girls


Trevor and three of his classmates were in a DI contest on Saturday. They have to make a skit up and make all the props by themselves.. with no help from adults. I saw the rehearsal and it was good. One of the boys even made up a song that they sang. It was about how dolphins communicated with other animals. Kara was their advisor. They have worked on this since December.

Monday, March 23, 2009

showers and birds

So spring is here and so are the showers..rain and baby! the girls at Oshkosh gave Alicia a shower on Sunday afternoon.
Saturday Chris, Shawn and I went to join Levi and Kayla at the Tundra Lodge to swim and play...I really enjoyed the hot tub and it was so nice outside to sit in it there.
Also was able to have lunch with my friends after meeting on had been a long time..
Shawn was sick on he stayed at Dad's house on Sunday night...he was feeling pretty punk...still was tonight, but was at Mom's house..Sounds like what others say they have..

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Emily and Erin are 7!!

This is a collage of pictures taken at the girls party on Sunday. We all had a good time together. It is hard to believe that they are seven and are big girls. We/I love you both. My doll clothes went over pretty good...Kylie had fun finding all the babies that needed to be dressed and then we dressed them.. We missed Levi and Kayla, but they came to the party at Monkey JO's on Monday...Granny got to help with driving a car load of girls to Appleton.
Today Alicia and I went to a girl who she works with and got a lot of baby a bassinet, swing, a bouncer and alot of newborn onesie and some toys for learning.. Getting that makes it seem more real...she had an appt yesterday and Dr. says all is well..
Oh! and Erin spent the afternoon crocheting booties for Kylie!!
Well, I tried to have the pictures of the sunrise and set to be after the above, but I don't feel like figuring it out it will be this way!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

February's last weekend.

On Wed. the 25th Poy Sippi had a Red,White, and Blue I went down to watch it..the kids did so of their songs is We Are the Kids of the Twenty-first Century. The school does a really nice job with their everyone a chance to have a special part.
I spent to night with Kara's a went to bible study with them..
Friday night Chris, Shawn and I went with Chris' family for a dinner for his mother's bday.
Saturday ....Alicia had the day off!!!! We went to Edgar to the Kleinsticks for a get together...was fun to get to see those in that area again...they use the school...can play basketball, volleyball, and the kids roller bladed in the hallways and some played with RC trucks... I enjoyed playing some games with the ladies...even won a couple.. 'Course the food is always good and lots of it!!!
Kara and family spent the night with us....the kids always have fun together...
Shawn doesn't like it when they go.
Sunday after meeting there was a pot luck...more GOOD food in meeting and for lunch. Levi and Kayla came over in the late afternoon.
Today Alicia and I trimmed up Mrs. White..she did not like it, but she should be more comfortable.. Now for some pictures....