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Sunday, September 30, 2012


On Monday October first we will be moving from the motel to a rented home on Otter of the Chain of Lakes in Waupaca.

It will be two weeks since the fire...and we will all be glad to go back to a more normal way of life..

This house has 4 bedrooms...3 on the first floor and one in the basement which will be Robbie's.

We got the keys this evening we took Shawn to see it...

kitchen, dining, living x 3, Granny's, master and two views of the back of the house

missing the piano...

I always liked to play the piano on Sunday morning.....the hymns just put me in the spirit for meeting... So last Sunday morning Chris asked me if I was going to  play...we were in the camper!

This morning I found some hymns to play on the computer...

Thursday when we were finishing up at the house... someone gave me a chair and a book... so I played the hymn." When the Roll is Called Up Yonder.....

Saturday, September 29, 2012

how it's going...

Most of the week has been spent cleaning the the end of Thursday most was cleaned out..

The Square 1 people were done with the inventory that they were going to do ...the furniture that they are going the try to clean was put in a truck and the rest that they are going to try to clean was in a there are two dumpsters of stuff.....

Thursday  it was hard to go through my house and see the thing that they say are unsalvageable.....

Also on  of the days they  moved the big mirror in the master bedroom and there was a heart on the wall...on Thursday we noticed that there were hearts on the wall where pictures of Alicia's Mr. Red and Chris' of Jazz.  Is there a hidden meaning for this????????

the bedroom wall

left is Jazz

right is Mr. Red
The dirtier the better!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Yesterday was a big day at the house taking inventory of each room...Kevin and Michelle were out there and Robbie....we  have a restoration place doing some of that also and they are packing up my house....they will send it away to try to get the smell out as well as clean the stuff....

Today Kevin and Michell were there as well as Brian...they worked on the loft and the bonus room.

Everyday there are different electric and heating etc. out to check see what is all damaged.

This was on the driveway when we go here this A.M.

Oh so much better than using the wood shed!!
Thanks Kevin and Michelle!!

Boxes to go to be cleaned and made to smell good again...

This is what the boxes will be stored in.

Mason sitting on the stoop watching Daddy entertaining Shooter wi
the remote controlled trucks. 

Shooter running after the trucks...he was happy to get to go in the house but
there is glass on the floor yet so he could not stay.

Living room and fireplace...wheelbarrow is filled with papers to burn.

The loft railings and stair railings..

I opened the keyboard this morning...the keys are stained but you could still
play it....sound was it did not hurt the soundboard to much.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Another fire

This is the police car that Chris and I followed from Big Falls..we had been up to Marion to take the camper up there..we had it unhooked and were putting a blanket down when we got the call from Alicia..cell phone reception is not great up there...all Chris could understand was "come home now..Mason..candle"and very upset voice. We made that trip in short order!!!!

This is looking down the stairs to my house..

In the area where the fire began...this is my piano...the page of music laying on the keyboard part is the hymn "In Jesus Hands"

My desk ..... when Emily and Erin came to see the damage they looked around the corner from
the steps and said "Yes we are still there!!''

See how black the mirrors are....I did clean a little better than that!!

This is a quilt that Mom made many years is the state flowers
and Alaska and Hawaii are not on it.
The  quilt rack was made by Grandpa Krisher out of oak from the Dorchester farm.

See the soot in the the far corner of the house.

A picture of the black on the drywall....

My patio...

The boarded and tarped windows on the back of the house..

A rose and the yellow line....

Shooter and his master....Chris trying to get emotions under control...

Last Monday 9-17-12 we had the misfortune to have a fire at our home...the main part of Chris and Alicia's home has a lot of part of the house has smoke and water damage and I am tole that anything not glass or metal is iffy in being able to be salvaged. Tomorrow we will be starting to go through the house to make and inventory and to clean things out of the way so that the builders can better assesse the damage.

The last of the week was much better...I spent four days at Marion convention!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

new wall decor

These are some pictures Alicia took on trip to Minnesota...she had them

enlarged and out them in the kitchen wall with her John Deeres.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Minnesota Trip 2012

Williams Produce...the kids had fun watching and taking part in some of daily goings on on the farm.

some of the scenery close to the farm and the photo ops..

The chickens and the dogs....some really pretty chickens...can't believe I'm saying that!!
My memories of chickens are butchering them and I hated that!!

Shooter and his down on the farm experience...first time to go swimming and he loved it!!