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Friday, April 1, 2011

Reminisce..growing up

I got this book just before I went to Phoenix so I took it along to read. While reading through it I came across this picture.

from Reminisce..

I showed this picture to Jenae and she right away said "Betsy" which was my first thought when I saw it! And this was in 1952 !

Betsy’s Story

Betsy was my doll.. I don’t know when I got her
or from who.
I do remember Mom taking her to Goodwill in the
60’s to have her repaired. The only part of her that
was original after that was her head.
Jenae and Janna remember playing with her.
Kara had her as a favorite doll at the time Alicia
was born in 1976. Grandma Krisher made her a pant
suit out of blue polka do material. Kara had to take
her along to meeting.
In the later years I dressed up in a pretty calico green
dress and bonnet. She was lost in the house fire in 2002
at Waupaca Wisconsin.

A scrapbook page I had done...the above story is what is written in the little book.
Brant and I with our dolls.


Janna said...

I grieve for you Betsy.

Kara said...

I remember her.....maybe we'll find another one at a thrift store?

Alicia "Al" Krisher-Behm said...

We used to get in trouble for messing with Betsy! Made her all the more tempting... :)

kaymarvt said...

oh my how I love Alicia's comment.. LoL! Now she knows what Mason's thinking when hes SO tempted to steal the phone/ipod/ds type things! lol!!