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Thursday, June 30, 2011

my birthday present from the kids....

"streetlight" up and working!!

A big thank you to the kids and to Chris for getting it up and working for me!! I really like it!!

climbing rose

dress of roses

Sunday, June 26, 2011

camping and 4-wheeling

Friday and Saturday Levi and Kayla, Alyssa ( Kayla's cousin) and the gang from this house went the Fairchild area to camp and go 4-wheeling.

They went out and road the trails on Friday later AM for about 4 hours. We all enjoyed sitting around the fire and watched Chris fix our dinner over the fire...hamburgers and brats. I wanted to see the scenery on the trails so Levi, Kayla and I and Alicia and Mason took a short ride. It is very pretty and green and lots of trees! Our only dislike was the ticks and we found too many of them on bodies where they did NOT belong!!

Saturday morning they went out on a different trail and said it was nicer and much prettier...both days were good with no breakdowns or such.

Mason stayed back with me on Friday and Saturday Alicia also stayed for the pictures...some may be camera is having issues....

Kayla and Levi....where are we going???

Shawn and Alyssa

looking back at Mason....he went into his little pout but did not cry

Mason at the playground..not as fun as 4-wheelers!!

more playground

Mason and Mommy on a short ride

Kayla and was fun!!

Mom is back at CVM

On the 17th Chris, the boys and I made another quick trip to Iowa and Minnesota to take Mom back. She enjoyed her time here but she said she was ready to go back....she watched the boys run some energy of in the parking lot before we left CVM and got a second good-bye hug and watched us leave. They were all happy to see her back and she was received with open arms and lots of hugs!!

We spent the night with Janna's and then headed out about 3:30 Saturday morning....Mason slept until La Cross which was nice for him and us!

Great-grandma and Mason having a milk and cookie break and reading the paper.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Black squirrels...

We have been noticing some black squirrel in the back yard. This morning there were two of them our here on the patio eating the "helicopters"... they can have all they want!!! cuz I just blew them of the deck and the patio yesterday.... We also have lots of chipmunks and a couple of them found themselves in the pond...not good for them!

the farming never leaves..

Had to take a picture with the tractor...she told of the memories of chopping and Dad did the unloading.

Mom was walking around the yard and found some weeds (surprise!!) that needed to be pulled. Later I was looking for her and she was sitting on my patio. Mom can't get over all the trees in Wisconsin.. every time we are out driving she makes a comment about them.

We've played several games of Scrabble...she still does as good as ever... but on one game we came out one point apart...of course she was the winner!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Guest to Ruth's Cottage!!

Chris, the boys and I made a quick trip to Iowa to get Mom for a vacation in Wisconsin!!

While there we also made a trip down to the farm...since Mom has wanted to sure does not look well groomed like when the folks lived there!!

We made the trip back to Wisconsin in the early morning hours and the boys slept the first half of the is how we spent some of the evening hours while Chris mowed the lawn.

Mason and Great-grandma "Cat" (Rosa)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

a change

Alicia and Chris' oven quit a few months ago and it was going to cost almost half as much as the they paid for the stove...4 years they have been debating of what to do and then I was making stuff for our camping trip and the microwave started all this time we have been using the oven in my house. Well after the microwave quit, I was looking on Craig's List to see if we could find something...their appliances are bisque in color and that will be hard to match...Wellllll I found something on CL that I really liked and we could make it fit and my stove and microwave could move upstairs.. Here's my NEW kitchen range!!!!