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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Story of candy wrappers......

The story of the candy wrappers... is that anyone who found empty candy wrappers were told that Mason got into the baskets and ate the candy.

And behind the scenes is that Mason was SUPPOSE to be napping but soon I heard the bedroom door close...oh, oh, what is he up to....(this is when I could not get up by myself)  later when I did get up he was in bed acting like he'd been there all the time...... but Mom found the wrappers on the floor and elsewhere!! 


Easter Baskets at the scrapbooking wkd

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Monday, April 23, 2012

what happened??

Two weeks ago I noticed my left ankle hurt....the next day I needed to go to Iowa to take Mom to her sisters I made the trip in a leisurely fashion and got to Janna's around 6:30...every time I got out of the car it seemed to hurt more..unless I walked on the outside of my heel...but the funny thing is when I was driving I would do turn my ankle and such and it did not hurt so much.

. Tuesday was a big to CVM at 8:30 and Mom was all ready to off we went to Boyden...we sat in the car for a bit but Mom was anxious to get out and see everyone...I could not keep up with I gave up trying.. She was so happy that one of her cousins came and even stayed for the funeral...the funeral was beautiful...she was a quiet yet strong person. Walking on the cemetery was really painful...again Mom was off and way ahead.. I was able to put flowers on Dad's grave and two solar lights. My brother took two tulips from Freda's bouquet and put them by Dad's fitting as Dad came from the land of tulips.

Wednesday I came home ..taking my time.. and it was not as windy as it was on Monday..

Thursday I went to the Dr. .. of course by this time my ankle was really swollen from being on it and sitting in the car...had an x-ray and waited for the call..which I got saying to make an appointment with an orthopedic SURGEON..not and got thing I'm thinking....the knob of the ankle was completely broken off..needed screws to put me together again... I can't bear weight for who knows how long?????? So from the recliner to the couch and breaks to the little room.....thus the excitement of my life at the moment.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring 2012

getting into the yard work

Granny and Shooter

Mason likes big trucks...this one brought the garden shed.

Lets see how dirty we can get!!

The kids and Alicia... Emily must have been hiding!

A beautful sign of spring


We got the call on Saturday April 7th that Aunt Freda passed away. Her last days were in hospice where they could control the pain. One of her companions from Mexico was able to come and had a visit with her before she became unconscious.

The funeral was at Boyden, Iowa... Alan Anderson was also able to come to have a part in the funeral as did was a special meeting and all were feeling for the friends in Mexico...they loved "their Freda" and would have loved to be there.....when she came back last spring she was still planning to go back to Mexico.

The workers sang a hymn that she wrote in 1957.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Aunt Freda Faber

Freda Faber was born January 12, 1923 in Hawarden, Iowa to Peter and Rena ( De Jager) Faber. She spent her childhood in Sioux County, Iowa and Union County, South Dakota.

Freda yielded her life to God in 1934.

She left home at the age of fourteen to attend High School in Alcester South Dakota. She graduated as Salutatorian for her class in 1941. While going to school she lived with someone from the town and worked for room and board.

The following summer she attended Normal School in Spearfish South Dakota and received her teaching certificate. Freda began her teaching career in a one-room school with a teachery north of Sturgis South Dakota. She continued teaching in the northern Black Hills until the completion of the 1943-1944 school year.

*(Normal School is a summer session at a college to prepare a student for teaching.)

*( Teachery is a one room domain where the teacher lived adjacent to the school. It had no running water, phone or electricity. )

 In the fall of 1944 she taught in a one-room school near Menno South Dakota. While teaching here she lived with the Fred Wedmore family.

Freda taught in the Fairview South Dakota schools from the fall of 1945 until 1947.

 In the fall of 1947 she went into the ministry in South Dakota.

 Our family was together for the last time at Boyden Convention in 1956. After that convention Mom and Dad took Freda and Gertrude Ruyter to Miami, Florida.

Freda and Gertrude continued their journey via plane to Aruba and Curacao. They also labored in Suriname and Guyana from 1962 – 1965. After this Freda went to Puerto Rico and Gertrude went to Holland.

Freda came home in 1968 and had back surgery at Mayo’s Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

 In the fall of 1969 she joined the staff in Mexico working there til her health failed in March of 2011. She began doctoring in May of 2011 for lung cancer with metastasis to the right hip joint and vertebrae. She received chemo, radiation and for a short time a “new” cancer drug orally. She was in critical condition in mid-August and regained strength by October. She then went to Wendell and Vivian’s home in November.

 Freda also had cataract surgery in November of 2011.

 1-22-12    At this time her left leg is swollen and she is on pain medication.

This was compiled by Lois (Faber, Pountney) Williams.

 This was compiled with Freda’s help regarding dates and places.  

 I (Lois) didn’t really become acquainted with Freda until she was in the work in South Dakota. We attended South Dakota conventions yearly while she was there and later when she was on her home visits. Freda was the second born and I was the 11th.

My greatest memory of Freda is when she was in charge of the dining tents and we were her helpers…waiting on tables and etc.

Tune to Only One Step

 Think on these things, our thoughts are heard in Heaven.
Think on God’s Son, His life so pure He gave,
Oh, meditate upon His death and suffering—
“This was for me, He died my soul to save”

Oh, do these things, there’s joy when we obey Him,
There’s rest of heart in yielding to His will,
Live for these things, our God is keeping “Israel”
We’ll not be moved, draw nearer to Him still.

Add to these things, while life’s short day is passing,
Lack not these things, be clothed with charity,
Love never fails; we’ll not be idle, useless,
In Christ, the vine, our lives will fruitful be.

Go, tell these things, God’s Son left all to tell them,
He spent His life, and others bade He go;
We thank our God, for those He sent to help us
That in this life, “these things” are ours to know.              F.F. February 22,1957


Whatever the future holds,
I’ll trust my God for aye,
Whatever His will might be
"Tis my joy from day to day
Whatever His hand may bring,
"Tis best for me I know,
Whatever my Father plans
He wisely does it so.

Wherever His hand may lead,
With Him I gladly go,
Wherever the lost one is,
Help me the seed to sow;
Wherever the hands hang low,
Find me a shepherd true,
Wherever my lot is cast,
Teach me Thy work to do.

Whenever the Master calls,
I’ll go at His command,
Whenever the way is dark,
I’ll trust His guiding hand.
Whenever the teardrops fall,
I'll look to heaven above,
Whenever my cup o’erflows
Help me return Thy love.

Forever, always forward,
Whate’er the cross maybe
Forever, yes, forever,
Where’er He’s needing me,
Forever, yes, unto death,
Whene’er that day is known
Forever, eternally reaping
What I have sown.                                       F.F. 1960

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

spring in the 'burg...

Chris and I worked on the rose flower bed yesterday....before, they had taken all the river rock off , so yesterday Chris added more dirt to make it level with foundation.

Our shadow was there helping and seeing how dirty he could get...he saw Shooter roll in the dirt so of course he had to too....