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Thursday, October 30, 2008

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While Alicia slept today Shawn and I went to play, he liked it down by the river and so did I!!


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Trevor and Erin

Trevor at a school skit, he was the reader ..
Erin trying some "new" clothes..

This and That

Last Friday I spent the day with was a rainy day so did not do much...Saturday evening was birthday party for one of Chris' nieces...Sunday was meeting and them Marlene and Jr. and I had lunch together.. The afternoon was a retirement party for Chris' dad... by that time I was ready to crash!!
So that meant staying home on Monday and Tuesday...Wednesday Elaine and made a trip to Fond Du Lac... Alicia had a gift certificate for a Scrapbooking store that I got to spend for her... we also went to the Kris Kringle place.. ineteresting..spent a lot of time there...Came home up the east side of Lake Winnebago...was disappointed that you could not get very close to the lake...guess I should have known better.. Today Shawn and I hanging out together,,really this morning,...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Got these pictures of the fun to see how the pictures show some of their personalities..The girls are in first grade and Trevor is in fourth grade..

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pictures on my drive...

Ogdensburg Pond at sunset!
Covered Brigde at the Red Mill and the Mill and river through the bridge.
I took a drive around the area today -- the fall colors were pretty and it is always nice to go by the Red Mill, the river is so clear and it's singing is relaxing. Did some garage saling..found a table for my bedside...was what I even had in mind!!! Found and old lamp over 40 years old that had rose on it, for one dollar and then got the stuff to rewire it and did it ALMOST by myself.. had to have a little help from Chris...