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Sunday, January 31, 2010

War Ration Books

While going through some things when organizing the closet I came across these books..they still have some stamps in them..the neat thing is that Grandma's signature is on them!! They are from 1942.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

January cold....Brrrrr...

We have hit an Arctic air ... so is really cold...down to zero or below...sure is nice to have the cozy wood heat.

I was to Kara's on Monday and Tuesday to help with some redecorating...taking down wallpaper in 3 rooms...she had a very hard time with the laundry room one,
She then is going to paint those rooms..she got the dining room done before I left.. it was lookin' good!! I visited the Dr...found out I have pneumonia and sinus infection..was given a shot!!! I used to give those..never thought I would be on the receiving end!!! Also some I don't take enough of them.

Mason is working on more teeth...he is doing really good with getting to a standing fact he doesn't like to sit so much anymore,

Saturday, January 23, 2010

day with cricut

the cozy fire...felt wonderful!!

above the closet door in family room..this is Erin's favorite saying

living room doorway

Kara wanted me to come down and bring the cricut...course that sounded like fun to I sat by the cozy fire and cut out letters for her wall words...I'll show 2 of them and let her put the others on her blog.

After school

Winding down after school..

Trevor on the computer..where else?? He has to wear his headgear when he is home. The girls playing dress..they wanted the door had to ask permission to take pictures.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Nature's Beauty

Mississippi River Bluffs waterfalls.

Trees, fences and snowbanks along I-90.

Frosty trees along I-90.

Janna and Kerry's windbreak.


On the way up Blossom to dinner.

At the table.

Here is a picture of Shawn pushing Grandpa "Cat" in the wheelchair out to the dining room for dinner. Shawn was very careful in pushing Grandpa and got him to the table safe and sound!


Visiting with Dad about Holland.

Janna brought the things to cut Dad's hair when we were down there on Tuesday..she got it trimmed short like he likes it. I trimmed his fingernails..cuz they were bothering him. He was in good spirits that day and was pretty clear on some his Dad and Mom and the house where he grew up and where Grandpa Brant grew up...he said it was built in the 1700's and this is what he told me a couple of years ago.

Country View Manor

Chris, Alicia the kids and I took a short trip to see Mom and Dad...we stayed at Janna and Kerry's. It was a busy time..we were able to go see them 3 days in a row.
Mom enjoyed getting to hold Mason for a while. Shawn went with her to help make cookies for afternoon tea. We brought new bedspreads for their beds.. brightened up the rooms...Alicia found them online with the only thing she knew was that Grandma liked green...they matched very nicely with the border in the room as well as the paint and valences.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Just like his cousins!!!!

Emily especially likes to go through my purse...has since she was little and Erin does but not as often anymore..Well Mason thinks he should check it out toooo!!

First car..

When Mason comes to Granny's house he has a plays Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and The Muffin Man.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I'm hungry..I guess I'll help myself..

My wall words...

I've wanted to do this on my stairway/landing wall and finally did it...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A project..

Pictures should have been in opposite order..Mr. Snowman needed to be checked out!

When we went to Archiver's the other day I saw this displayed and thought I would try it..
Just a clip board and scrapbook paper and some tags...of course I used old fashioned looking paper..

Need to show how Mason will soon be getting into's still fun to watch him get around!!! The gates will be going up yet this week!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Mason in his Dr. Suess onesie and Cat In The Hat


We had the whole family here on new year's eve...also celebrated Alicia's bday..most stayed up to see the new year in...I was awake but bed called before midnight.

On new year's day we had out Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner of turkey, mashed potatoes, corn dish etc.. Soon after dinner everyone go their separate ways.. I crashed on the couch.. too many late nights!!

The scrap booking was very successful and the kids had fun together!

Yesterday when we were eating lunch Alicia decided to check Mason's mouth and SURPRISE...he has a tooth... Mommy was very excited and Mason just hammed that up...he also ate finger food..crackers.. by himself.. and he has the crawling down..not in the normal way...but still can MOVE!!