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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tis planting season!!

Planting tomatoes AND some are for Mom Williams!! in the greenhouse at Williams Produce.

Mom and Dad's

This is Dad out by the garden getting it ready to plant potatoes..the ground needed some more breaking up so he got the tractor out and drug it a few times and then still needed to use the tiller on it too. Mom and I were out there helping with the planting....the pictures of this are on my phone and I don't have them on the computer. The cat is one of the "livestock" on the farm.
I took the folks to meeting on Sunday and one day we went to the dentist is Sioux City..Dad's bottom plate was bothering him. Another day we went to Cherokee to get a new sprinkler for the garden and then we got that set up. They are doing good for their age.

Wizard Of Oz

This play was put on by 3,4,5th graders of Brewster..Evan was the Oz, Alyssa was the China girl and MaKenzie was the good witch. They all did and awesome job!!!!

My day at Plum Creek..

I took a trip to Walnut Grove MN to see the museum that they have about Laura Ingalls Wilder...They have a gift shop,a church an old house that has a kitchen from that era and a parlor and then things like slates and an old pump organ that you can do hands on.. There was also a dug out there... they sure did not have much room to live in...This was another pretty day.. although windy!!!

I,m back.......

A barge going down the Mississippi River..I stopped at the rest area by LaCrosse,since it was such a beautiful day...took pictures and a short walk. I got to my sisters in good time and had a nice day with her on her day off...we went around Worthington to see what people had put on the street side for pickup.. she found some things she was looking for...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009