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Monday, December 31, 2012

Dr, report..

I had another appointment with the Dr. today....and another X-ray....he said one view looked great and the other not so it is not fully filled in yet. I don't need to go to therapy for now and just walk with the walker and if I feel I need it use the boot....which is very clumsy to walk in. Now all the hurt from being up and around is back....

Happy Birthday Alicia....

Thinking warm a picture and the dolphin when we went to Mexico two years ago..

Sunday, December 30, 2012


We have the family coming for the new since I am sort of mobile I felt like trying some recipes I've seen on pinterest..

Mason thought he needed to help!!!

per Mason...."this is fun!"         
picture thank to Alicia          

Thursday, December 27, 2012

house update...

They have been working on the house again....they have it all sprayed with what looks like whitewash....while doing this they left the door between the house and the garage and there was a LOT of over spray......they were up there today cleaning the stuff in the garage!! Chris said they really cleaned it up!!!

I had a therapy appointment yesterday....not to be putting full weight yet...but I am walking with a walker.... feel free..but can tell I have not been up and around for a while.

Oh! and when I was at the house I did not smell smoke!!     

Looking toward the dining room (north)

facing the woods(west) the black walls need to be replaced yet

looking upstairs to where the bedroom and bath are

Looking down the stairs toward what was my kitchen

looking up through the kitchen ceiling toward the bonus room...the black joist are
what is left to hold up the house.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Chris!!

Alicia took this picture during the snowstorm.....thought I would borrow it....

Mason, Chris, Shawn

Sunday, December 23, 2012

we have snow!!!

Last winter we did not have much snow and I think even the winter before....this week they were forecasting a BIG snow...10-15 inches is different areas and then a wind with it.....where we are living  you could not tell how windy it was.....not like we could at home in Iowa!!

Chris spent two days plowing snow for one of his friends that has a business doing snow removal and lawns.

Nature was decorated beautifully.... and the boys had fun playing outside....

Mason was looking at the lake today and said ice..... and wondered why?

Am feeling better...still a cough off and on....   I did try washing the dishes a couple times this week.. and vacuumed from the wheelchair.....that is a challenge!!

Work on the house slowed for the holidays....they have most of the burned supports out and will spray the rest of the house after Christmas.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

family times...

This past Saturday was our family Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner...we had turkey and all that goes with it.

All the grand kids were here on Friday night........Alicia has a cookie decorating party with them...Kayla's dad made the cookies...they were yummy!!

I made the squash for the dinner....Chris made mashed potatoes, corn stuff, Kara brought the green bean casserole, milk and Kayla made dinner rolls and pickle roll ups. Alicia supplied the pies.

Harold tried to make it for lunch at 3 but did not make it till 6:30... later a car load went to the house to see it..Kara, Terry and Levi had not seen it for a while and Harold never since the fire..

I had come down with a cold earlier in the week.. and by Saturday night I was coughing and to ER we is pneumonia....keeping the hospital in business!!  Alicia has a cold too...she's trying to sleep it off.

Work on the house is progressing...they have the floor out of the loft and most of the posts and beams...just have some over the kitchen are and steps to hold up the house..they plan to come and seal the rest of the house....then it will be time to sign off on the smell....

cookie decorating

we've been enjoying nightly fires///

looking from the living room area toward the front door

looking from the kitchen area toward the bedroom and west wall....
this wall will still need to come dowm and be replaced..

Monday, December 10, 2012


We had our first snow of the was a slow snowfall but lasted all day
Sunday. Looking out over Otter Lake is very pretty....I can not go out so take a
few pictures from the windows.
Chris spent almost 12 hours plowing drives for other people....his friend had a business
doing snow removal and yard work in the summer.

Today was the day for a check on the ankle...Mason had never gone with before
and it was very interesting for him to see the cast cut off.
They then took an  X-ray and it shows that it is healed!!!!!  But I still can not put weight
on it for another two weeks..... I can take the boot off and do some flexing of the ankle.
In two weeks I go to therapy and in three weeks back to the Dr. and the half weight.
Dr. is being extra cautious because of last time.


Monday, December 3, 2012


Today at the house they were doing some work....progress!!! exciting!!!

Chris dug a couple holes for the posts for the kitchen will built like a deck instead of digging down and putting a basement in.

The fellows were there on Saturday and hung plastic so they could start with the soda blasting today....I think it looks good...what they have done...can't tell any different in the smell til they get all the logs done.

the sitting room

south wall of the bedroom sanded and the bottom not

I like how the knots show up so much more!!