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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Give thanks for today; Pray for tomorrow

Today many people gathered to say good-bye to our friend Lyn or Lynda.....

It was a very special meeting and am glad for the privilege to be there...

Perry said they knew that she wrote poems but did not see them til she was was on the remembrance card.

She also wanted each family to get a rose...which were handed out after filing past to say the finale good-bye.....

If perchance tomorrow
I should not greet,
Don't stand at my grave and weep.
Rejoice! God saw my life complete
So took my soul to forever keep!


Monday, September 26, 2011


Sunday morning on the way to convention I got a call from Kara to pull over cuz she had something to tell me... she came to the car window and gave me the news that Lynda Pearson had died the night before.

We had some short visits those last days and Dick shook hands with me on the way out of meeting Saturday night. The picture I have in my mind is Lyn sitting a few rows ahead of us with her beautiful gray hair shining like silver.

Our family met with Dick and Lyn for 28 years or so... we watched each others children grow up and they had fun with each other. Our meeting had lots of losses in those years and we always got strength from each other.....great memories.... Just can't put on paper what those years meant to me and hope to be able to be true forever.
W4282 State Highway 64, Medford; A township of Browning resident
PLACE, DATE & TIME OF DEATH: 11:03 PM Saturday, September 24 at New London Family Medical Center, New London, WI where she had been taken earlier by ambulance

TIME & PLACE OF FUNERAL: 11:00 AM Tuesday, September 27 at the Simek Recreation Center, 1037 W. Broadway Ave., Medford

OFFICIATING: Ray Miller & Stanley March
PLACE OF BURIAL: Private family only graveside services will be held at Medford Evergreen Cemetery IVISITATION AT: Hemer Funeral Home, Medford from 5 – 8 PM on Monday, September 26 and also from 9:30 AM until the time of funeral services at 11:00 AM on Tuesday, Sept. 27 at the Simek Recreation Center, Medford

DATE & PLACE OF BIRTH: October 25, 1944 at Wayne, Nebraska
EDUCATION: Wayne, NE elementary schools, and was a 1962 graduate of Wayne, NE High School
MARRIAGE INFORMATION: August 28, 1965 at Wayne, NE to Richard Pearson and he survives
PRINCIPAL EVENTS IN LIFE: After her education, while residing in Omaha, NE she worked overseeing a claims department for an insurer. In May of 1965 she moved to Medford and worked at Klinner Insurance and Hurd Millwork for periods of time. After the coming of children, she excelled in being a contented homemaker and farmers wife. Many years she made ready the home for Sunday morning fellowship meetings, giving each one a warm welcome, and a spiritual encouragement. She leaves beautiful hand stitched quilts, sewn garments and a host of pleasant memories. Granny Lyn will long be remembered with love.

SURVIVING SPOUSE: Richard Pearson of the Township of Browning
SURVIVING CHILDREN: 3 Sons – Chad (Tamara) Pearson of Medford, Brett (Michelle) Pearson of Black Creek, WI, and Perry Pearson of Eau Claire
1 Daughter – Ellen Pearson of Sussex, WI
Also 5 Grandchildren or Grandangels as she preferred – Ashley, Megan, & Claire Pearson of Medford, Nicholas & Natalie Rose Pearson of Black Creek, WI

SURVIVING BROTHERS/SISTERS: 2 Very Special Sisters – Doris Jean Hayden of Fremont, NE & Phyllis (Marlowe) Polen of Cedar Bluffs, NE

PALLBEARERS: Family members – Chad, Tamara, Brett, Michelle, Perry & Ellen Pearson

OTHER INFORMATION: Further survived by special friends – Thomas, Andrew & Matthew Reuter

Lyn and her quilt..( picture from facebook)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Iowa convention

Last week I went back to Janna's so I could take Mom to convention. Well it turned out Janna did a lot of it...first of all on Thursday morning I got there to get Mom, she was at the breakfast table and instead of a walker I saw a wheelchair!! Mom had fallen that AM and her left knee was hurting...she did not go with to convention..but stayed to have the leg checked out... It was okay .... so Mom was off the walking with her walker.. cuz she was not going to stay behind another day!!

Kind of a funny picture.. Mom with her walker and me with my pink cane!!

On Sunday Laurence ( Larry) Mom's brother went with us for pizza..complements of Laura!! and then stopped to see where Mom lives now...

Convention days were great as always...

Mom and Larry....19 years apart it age...
My trip home was safe but some things did windshield was hit by a good sized rock and of course it now has a run...then I forgot that I had my phone on my lap and got out of the car and it landed in three pieces and the screen doesn't a TRAC light came on on the dash....had to get out the book and see what that was about...all I could tell was the cruise no longer worked..when I got to Waupaca I shut the car off and started it again...light was still on but the cruise worked...was a relief to get home!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 years ago.....

Ten years ago today, the 11th of September our country was attacked by glad for all that continue to fight for freedom and for those who have fought and others that have died in the name of freedom...
World Tower..pic for the net
Liberty between the towers..pic from net
tower of lights and Miss Liberty... pic from net

Friday, September 9, 2011

mom's health

Hi! I just wanted to drop a line to you all re: Mom. For the last several months she has become weaker and more unsteady on her feet. She is walking all weird... like a scissors. She has fallen more times than we know about I am sure! I took her to see her family Dr. and requested different pain meds and physical therapy. She will be going to therapy until they determine that she is no longer making improvements or they have no other options for her.

They told her to wear more supportive footwear (which she is), and use a walker. She does not want to use a walker which I can appreciate... She is using a cane instead, just for now until she is stronger. She has excersises that she does at home as well as therapy. Mom needs to do her outings, chores, whatever early in the day mostly, because by the evening she is weaker and unsafe (mentally and physically).

We also have an appt with her sarcoidosis Dr. in Grn Bay in Oct. I will go with her to talk to that Dr. also.

We also applied to a handicapped parking permit... which her Dr. thought she should have had long ago.

So, just FYI stuff for you all. We are not asking for anything, or needing help with anything... just updating eveyone because this is VERY upsetting and embarassing to Mom.

Love from the Behms in the Burg! :)