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Monday, April 8, 2013

what's been happening..

Chris, Alicia and the boys left the 22nd of  March for Florida.....they were gone for 10 days and had a busy spending a day at Disney and a day at Sea World and then on the way home they spent a day at Bush Gardens. They had a house on the beach and Mason was tickled with the "sand box" and I guess even with the water on the cold side they still had fun in the water.

While they were gone I spent the week with Levi, Kayla, and Taelynn.....watching Taelynn change day by it's been almost a week since I've seen here...except for pictures text every so often.

I spent one Sunday by going to New London for meeting and out to dinner with Jr., Marlene and Denny and Marilyn....miss those times...  The next Sunday I went to Gary and Karen's as they live just a street over from Levi's... and they went to Kayla's grandparents for lunch and the afternoon.

Last week we spent the whole week painting the house was a big job for all... and thanks to all who helped in every way. We still need to put a backsplash up in the kitchen and we are ready for
for them to do the  floors and cupboards and the bath fixtures and...and.....                                           
Taelynn and me on Easter Sunday
standing in the doorway to the boys'
new bedroom which is gray and
the family room is yellow

this is my bedroom and sitting room...and NO it is Not
robin egg blue!!

my bathroom..the color reminds me of
sea at the beach in Jamaica...