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Friday, May 31, 2013

Mason is four!!

Mason turned four on the 31st....I was not home..but the party is to be June 15th. So just some pictures for now.

Helping Daddy fix eggs for breakfast.

Great aunt Janna has tame kittens and Mason loves cats.

Mason's gift from Mom and Dad...a kiddie four wheeler.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


pictures of Taelynn....

GREAT aunt Janna and Taelynn

"I like my nuk"

saying "hi" to daddy


Taelynn is liking her mobile

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

diary in short.....

The last while has been busy with lots of things:

I spent time at Levi and Kayla's helping since Taelynn arrived...I would go with her to work so she had help when she had to run the boys to school and back....worked out good and Granny got lots of time to snuggle!

Then in between I would go home to the rental house to help there and get my things ready to move to Ogdensburg and get packed to take a trip..

We all worked on getting the rental cleaned so we could move to the "fixed" house as Mason would say....thanks to all who helped with the cleaning and the moving.

We spent one night in the camper and then we left for Minnesota for my nieces graduation.
They had a very nice country themed party for her in the shed that they used for their produce in the summer....very fitting and it was very pretty.

This next weekend I will be going with Janna and I don't know who else to my nephew's wedding in Kansas.

Shooter, Mason, Shawn with great grandpa deBoer's old truck

4 generation picture on the Krisher side.
Harold, Levi, Elaine, and Taelynn

4 generations on the deBoer side
Rosa, Levi, Ruth and Taelynn

collage of Laura's party....

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

bird nests and lights

an old wagon wheel that was made for mood lighting
above the dining room table

the wagon wheel from the bottom.. 

when I came home from Levi's I found that my room was
repainted and that the robins had made nests and
laid eggs!!! This joke come from the color that I had
first painted the room....they all called it robin egg blue.
And the birds also found their way to the sconces on the
wall of the sitting room!!!
this is the chandelier that I  picked for the bathroom...the house
is done in oil rubbed bronze..


The last few weeks I have been spending time with Levi and Kayla helping with Taelynn. Kayla went back to working at about 3 weeks and it was rough...Taelynn takes a lot of time and she felt she wasn't able to give the boys the attention they needed so I have been going with her to help out. Taelynn is kinda colicky and needs to be held up and burped for a while after she has nursed. 

taken on April 29th