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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Home again, home again, jiggety jig jig

Spent most of the day traveling home....hopped from Phoenix to Houston to Chicago and then Green Bay.  Chris and Mason picked me up and I was greeted by a big smile and  waves from Mason...then he was back to the window to watch the action outside!!

 I had a very nice trip and stay with Jenae and Glenn...thank you so much....loved it!!

A fantastic B&B and more

Tuesday..March 29th

Today, early in the morning we went to Brandon and Joann's place...Jenae was going with Joann for her treatment and Glenn and I made sure the girls made it to school and then with Traiten we went back to Glenn's house. He had breakfast and then played for a while and then took a nice long nap. By then Mommy was home again so went back to their house.

One of the friends brought supper over that night....later Steph came to be with Joann as Brandon was out of town til later that evening. Joanne was resting as much as she could... fun to be with them and to get to know the little ones a little better.

Left and back to Glenn's to get packed up for an early morning flight...

Pappa and Traiten
Canoe made by Glenn for Brandon and Joann as a wedding gift..what a unique idea for decor!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Our plans for the day were to go see the desert and IKEA.

We drove out to the desert area after we stopped to get Jenae her pop!

The desert has a beauty all of its own...and most all desert plants have stickers and you could even feel them through your shoes!! They are sharp!!

One of the plants that you usually picture a desert to be is the Saguaro... the plants with all the arms...they grow these arms to balance themselves and it takes many years to grow an arm...also they live to be hundreds of years old and they are a protected plant.

We are a little early for the blooming of the desert....some plants you could see where the blossoms were forming and one plant had an open blossom and a couple more just starting...they are sure beautiful!!

I had never been to an IKEA store and had heard much about now I've been and it is a neat place to visit......they have almost anything you would want in the way of household furnishings and decorating items...just a good thing that there is not one near us because Alicia would really have a hayday there!!

the distant hills....



yellow and fragile looking

look at my arms!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

picture from home..

I miss you all!!!

Sunday March 27th

Today we went to meeting at Doug and Julie's....Julie's brother Scott R was there from Wyoming...was nice to meet Tim and Betty, she is a sister to Sue S from the Appleton area....such a small world! At gospel meeting in the afternoon I saw Philene and Gene across the way but did not talk to them. Also spoke briefly to Jerry and Lydia.

We had supper at Steph's place and then played a few games of Take Two...Jenae won most of the games..

It was nice to see where Steph lives....

Steph getting supper on.
Take Two

Saturday..March 26...

Jenae and I spent a long time at JoAnn's was fun to look around and see what I would like..but can't buy anything to take home...cuz I don't have a truck load of vehicles to store my "stuff" in!!!!! The airlines charge through the roof for luggage nowadays.

Jenae found lots of goodies to sew up.

We had late lunch on their patio and then after a nap we went to Brandon and Joann's for a short visit...

Glenn and Jenae's home
great buy 70% off and then 25% coupon!!
mesquite in bloom
blossom up close

Saturday, March 26, 2011

day three..Friday

sooooooooooooooo cute.......

eating outside in March!!

Today Jenae and I met Joanne, Traiten and Steph at a gift shop called the Orange was fun to look at all the neat things there are to buy.. but didn't.

We hit a few Goodwill stores too...I found some old reading books like we had when I was in school.

We had lunch together at Qdoba's and sat outside...didn't think of sitting outside cuz it's not the time of the year for us in Wisconsin!!

 Little Traiten entertained us very well at lunch...he knew he had every ones fun to watch him...brings back memories of my grand kids a while back...

Friday, March 25, 2011

day two....

This morning after breakfast...Jenae showed me some of the things they have made for craft to see all the crafty items....

In the early afternoon we went to school to spent an hour and a half with Keesha's classroom...her teacher is really fun and she had lots for us to do!!! I cut out some egg shapes. Then helped a little in the classroom with papers that the children were doing..can't believe what they do in Kindergarten!!

Jenae and I stopped at a couple stores and then on  home to pick up Glenn and Steph. We went to Organ Stop for pizza and entertainment. They have a fellow playing an organ that is really the whole plays from the ceiling, the back, the sides, and just everywhere that you look...we got the go upstairs to listen and you can feel the whole place vibrate!! You could put in requests.

Jenae, Steph and I spent an hour in the hot tub and while we were doing that Glenn made cookies for us...spoiled we were... we also played a game of scrabble and take two.

A fun day in sunny was beautiful....while home had lots of snow!!!

I liked the accordian..

the  organ...when it was break time if disappeared...

Glenn and Jenae listening and watching..

one of the pianos....

Thursday, March 24, 2011

day one in AZ

Jenae and I went to school to help out in the classrooms..  We did reading groups with Alawna's class and spent some time helping the different students with their papers. The little girl in the front needed help with her math....imagine me helping with math!!!  Glenn went over to Coy's place to water their yard.

We stopped at the Riparian Preserve to look at the desert cactus and also the ponds of reclaimed water..we looked for turtles, watched the ducks play and saw some tiny and big fish. I found it interesting that woodpeckers build nests some of the cactus.

Jenae with her reading group plus Alawna getting a hug from "Grandma Krisher"

We cut papers for a weaving project

''the desert blooms as paradise"
turtle on a turtle!
one of the ponds
most plant life in the desert has thorns

Wednesday, March 23, 2011



I spent the day of March 22,2011 flying the skies to Chicago from Green Bay and then on to Phoenix to visit Jenae and Glenn and the rest of the family....

Friday, March 18, 2011

What I've been doing..

Since Robbie moved in I have moved the sewing machine down to my I got in the mood to use it a bit...I made a skirt from some denim I could have a shorter jean skirt for summer.

Today I just finished a project that I plan to use as a coffee is made of a wood box that I'm sure was made by Mom and an old suitcase from still has a bunch of double knit material cut in squares .... some are sewn in blocks....maybe I can some day do something with them.

Coffee table

Thanks to Janna for my sewing machine quilt...I like it!!!...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I do most of the laundry here so this is a project that Alicia and I wanted made, so we could store the laundry baskets out of the way and make a little more room in the laundry room...entryway from the garage.

Chris and Robbie created it and I helped with the painting and now it's in and I just gave ot a trial run...we'll need to get baskets to fit as they could only raise the washer and dryer so far... I like it!! and Alicia hasn't seen the finished project yet.

Loving the outdoors...

Mason is loving the nice weather...there are lots of tears when he has to come in...this morning Daddy and Uncle Robbie were putting the stand under the washer and dryer.. of course he needed to be right there..

When he wasn't there he was outside finding the mud and snow the play are muddy and the seat of his pants are wet....but he's having fun!!!

There were tears when they came in to have lunch..until...he heard there was pizza at Granny's is evidence of what he has been, paint, mud, and juice that Daddy put in a pop bottle.. Oh a sore on the forehead,too.

I'm not tired!!

Nine years ago....

Emily Renae

Erin Marie
Nine years ago our family was blessed with two little they are growing up fast!!  There was a  birthday dinner for them on Sunday....Kara made each of them a big cupcake cake....turned out cute and really yummy!! Happy from Granny

Monday, March 7, 2011

sitting around the table....

Saturday  we were sitting around the table with our laptops visiting when Janna came up with a sewing project and asked it anyone would like to do some hand sewing?? So Janna and I were hand sewing and Mom was cutting up some old clothes and cutting them into quilt squares....Alicia at this moment was taking pictures!!  Mom just mentioned that we were having a "ladies aide"... funny and with three generations of ladies... Good memories.  Thanks to Alicia for the pictures!!

Weekend in Minnesota

This past weekend we.. Chris,Alicia, Shawn, Mason and I took a trip to see Mom. We left on Friday after Alicia got off work and were going to see how the trip went as to wether we would go by the farm...this did not happen as Mason was not liking the trip toward the end. We went to Sibley and picked Mom up and took her with us to stay at Janna's for the weekend.
We just did whatever on Saturday and Sunday to meeting and then lunch and headed home about 3 o'clock...the roads were wet when we left but by Albert Lea they were dry and the sun came out...really glad for the good roads especially this time of the year.
The boys had a lot of fun together and  Chris got the snowmobile running and that really added to the fun.!!!

Chris Alicia
Mason 21 months
Shawn 8 years
Mom with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
Isaac,Laura, Mom  Evan
Shawn, Mason, Alicia
Mom, Ruth, Janna

Evan, Kerry Isaac, Janna, Laura
 Thanks Janna and Kerry for putting us up and putting up with us!!! Much nicer than visiting the nursing home several times!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


When looking through some of Mom's old pictures I came across this one...thought I would share and of course I want to have it in my blog book!!

Peter Faber is my grandfather and these are two of his brothers.
Hessel lived in Orange City Iowa and Frank lived in Michigan.
They all came to America from the Netherlands in the early 1900's.

Peter, Hessel, and Frank Faber