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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tuesday..March 29th

Today, early in the morning we went to Brandon and Joann's place...Jenae was going with Joann for her treatment and Glenn and I made sure the girls made it to school and then with Traiten we went back to Glenn's house. He had breakfast and then played for a while and then took a nice long nap. By then Mommy was home again so went back to their house.

One of the friends brought supper over that night....later Steph came to be with Joann as Brandon was out of town til later that evening. Joanne was resting as much as she could... fun to be with them and to get to know the little ones a little better.

Left and back to Glenn's to get packed up for an early morning flight...

Pappa and Traiten
Canoe made by Glenn for Brandon and Joann as a wedding gift..what a unique idea for decor!!

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Kara said...

I just LOVE what they did with the canoe!!