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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Loving the outdoors...

Mason is loving the nice weather...there are lots of tears when he has to come in...this morning Daddy and Uncle Robbie were putting the stand under the washer and dryer.. of course he needed to be right there..

When he wasn't there he was outside finding the mud and snow the play are muddy and the seat of his pants are wet....but he's having fun!!!

There were tears when they came in to have lunch..until...he heard there was pizza at Granny's is evidence of what he has been, paint, mud, and juice that Daddy put in a pop bottle.. Oh a sore on the forehead,too.

I'm not tired!!

1 comment:

Alicia "Al" Krisher-Behm said...

Looks like he was ready to fall asleep in the pizza! :)