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Sunday, December 23, 2012

we have snow!!!

Last winter we did not have much snow and I think even the winter before....this week they were forecasting a BIG snow...10-15 inches is different areas and then a wind with it.....where we are living  you could not tell how windy it was.....not like we could at home in Iowa!!

Chris spent two days plowing snow for one of his friends that has a business doing snow removal and lawns.

Nature was decorated beautifully.... and the boys had fun playing outside....

Mason was looking at the lake today and said ice..... and wondered why?

Am feeling better...still a cough off and on....   I did try washing the dishes a couple times this week.. and vacuumed from the wheelchair.....that is a challenge!!

Work on the house slowed for the holidays....they have most of the burned supports out and will spray the rest of the house after Christmas.