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Thursday, December 27, 2012

house update...

They have been working on the house again....they have it all sprayed with what looks like whitewash....while doing this they left the door between the house and the garage and there was a LOT of over spray......they were up there today cleaning the stuff in the garage!! Chris said they really cleaned it up!!!

I had a therapy appointment yesterday....not to be putting full weight yet...but I am walking with a walker.... feel free..but can tell I have not been up and around for a while.

Oh! and when I was at the house I did not smell smoke!!     

Looking toward the dining room (north)

facing the woods(west) the black walls need to be replaced yet

looking upstairs to where the bedroom and bath are

Looking down the stairs toward what was my kitchen

looking up through the kitchen ceiling toward the bonus room...the black joist are
what is left to hold up the house.


Alicia "Al" Krisher-Behm said...

...closer and closer. Can't wait to be home!!!!!

Alicia "Al" Krisher-Behm said...
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