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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

our first day of sewing

Emily and Erin came to spend a few days with me....I'm to teach them sewing...Erin wanted to make a skirt so we worked on the that and she got it done with help and it even fits and she really likes it...mistakes and all. It was a new I made a few it has been a while since I've sewn...really should read the pattern first..

Emily wanted to make an outfit for her American Girl I was showing her how to cut out the pattern and then how to sew it most of it done...but I decided to learrn how to make buttonholes with my machine...and I'm not getting how it's done....still working on it.

In the evening Chris went to watch Shawn practice Erin was babysitting Mason....Emily helped pick up the house it would be fresh and clean for a new day....

Granny and Erin


Erin modeling her skirt.

Emily waiting her turn....She was also the photographer..


Kara said...

Memories are being made.....
Thanks, Mom!

Jenae said...

fun, huh!!!

Alicia "Al" Krisher-Behm said...

Its been fun!

Janna said...

this is great, memories and new clothes!