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Friday, November 19, 2010


Last weekend was a weekend of guests.

On Saturday afternoon Jim, Goldie and Arlene came to visit and have a taco supper with us. It was nice to have them come to my house. They are my aunt and uncle and cousin...Arlene lives in Wisconsin and the others are from Iowa.

On Sunday for lunch my friends Junior and Marlene and Denny and Marilyn joined us for dinner of grilled chicken and baked potatoes compliments of chef Chris. Since I no longer meet with them I really miss seeing them and having lunch with them every so often. It was great to have them and to have a visit! We even ate at my house...first time for dinner down here!

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marlene said...

Hey girlfriend Ruth....We sure enjoyed our visit at your house. Dinner was delicious, and your table was set beautifully. Your house is adoreable. Loved hearing about the story of all your antiques......they are very precious to you and you decorate with them beautifully.....we miss you, lots!!! Plan on coming to spend a nignt and be in Sunday mtg with us after the new year. (Your schedule looks kind of full until then). Love from your sister girlfriend. (HUGS) So glad you had a nice visit with Elaine.....