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Monday, December 22, 2008

No trip for me

All this cold, wind and snow made me decide to not make the trip to Iowa..thanks to my sis in making it possible for the folks to get to my nephew's wedding.. When the weather was nice it sounded like a good idea...guess I forgot how winter can be.

Last week all the grandkids had concerts at school and was able to get to them...

Saturday we had around 35 people here for a potluck was Chris' family on his mother's side..There was plenty of food and the kids had a good time playing together..

The outdoor wood stove is doing a good job of keeping the house comfy..especially with the below zero was already -11.

No pictures with this post as the newest ones are downloaded on the new computer that does not have internet..

1 comment:

jrnmarp said...

Hey girlfriend....glad you stayed behind. Now I don't have to worry about you, out and about.

Thanks for was fun.

Love Marlene