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Monday, March 18, 2013

Taelynn Jade has arrived...

On March 16,2013 Taelynn Jade Krisher was born to Levi and Kayla Krisher....She the first grandchild of Kayla's parents...Joe and Luann Van Thull and she was born on the birthday of my twin granddaughter Emily and Erin.

I was able to go up to the hospital and see Taelynn shortly after she was born....Auntie Al was there when she was born...taking pictures and encouraging them on during labor.

We had spent the night in Appleton....we were to go to Kara's for the birthday party for Emily and Erin...plans changed and they came to Appleton....we went to Stevie B's for lunch/supper and then we all went to the hospital to see Taelynn.

family soon after birth..

Looking very happy..welcoming
Taelynn Jade Krisher

Erin Marie and Taelynn Jade
Emily Renae and Taelynn Jade

Granny and Taelynn

Sweet baby Taelynn


Jenae said...


marlene said...

Auuuuh Grandma, so cute and sweet. Congratulations!!! And as we get older, good thing all the granddaughters b/days are on the same day, then we won't forget.

Missing you.....dinner soon???

Hugs, Marlene