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Saturday, September 29, 2012

how it's going...

Most of the week has been spent cleaning the the end of Thursday most was cleaned out..

The Square 1 people were done with the inventory that they were going to do ...the furniture that they are going the try to clean was put in a truck and the rest that they are going to try to clean was in a there are two dumpsters of stuff.....

Thursday  it was hard to go through my house and see the thing that they say are unsalvageable.....

Also on  of the days they  moved the big mirror in the master bedroom and there was a heart on the wall...on Thursday we noticed that there were hearts on the wall where pictures of Alicia's Mr. Red and Chris' of Jazz.  Is there a hidden meaning for this????????

the bedroom wall

left is Jazz

right is Mr. Red
The dirtier the better!!!

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