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Saturday, January 14, 2012

2012 is here!

The new year is already 14 days better get up to date.

I still go to swim exercises twice a week and it helps a lot...I did try to go to a faster paced class one was fine til the next day after legs had a very funny feeling..kinda like cramps but in the legs were like jelly. So just twice a week for now.

We got our first snow storm  "Angela" on the 12th....changed my plans for the driving in snow if I don't have yesterday the roads were clear and I went to visit Levi and Kayla.

Today I cleaned up my house a bit...still has the scrap booking stuff here...maybe Alicia will get a chance to get some more done...

"puppy" Shooter giving Alicia kisses.

Daddy and Mason shoveling...Daddy bought a just right size shovel for Mason.

Shooter likes the snow and the dog across the street!!

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