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Monday, May 2, 2011

scrappin' weekend

fun weekend scrappin'!!

This past Friday and Saturday Kara, Alicia and I went to a scrap booking "retreat"..
there were 39 of us there....
nice to meet new people...many were some that Alicia works with or
has in the past. We were able to
use other's cartridges for the cricut and now we know what else we would
like to have!!  In the pictures
is one of our "work" area, one of Kara's hat for the hat was one
that Trevor made for
his play in school and she changed it a bit! I'm doing a weaving like we
 got ready for one of the classes
in Arizona...then I used this for the background for those pictures...out of my
comfort zone.. The last page
is one that we did on our Friday night scrappin' and then I used
some of Dad's Holland pictures..
Was a fun time...ate too much..not enough sleep... but got lots of scrappin' done!

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Janna said...

Looks like fun...

Kara said...

WAY too much food (ahh..but it was good!), a lot of scrappin' done (a LOT more to get done) and a fun time getting new ideas and just spending time with my wonderful mom and lovely sister!!! Thanks for the grand time, ya'll!! Luv ya!

Alicia "Al" Krisher-Behm said...

ALMOST almost ALL caught up now!!!!

kaymarvt said...

Here I go trying to comment.. Again! :P

I'm glad yous all had a great time! :)