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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


The end of last week we all from this house went to Iowa to visit my was a quick trip..we spent the day with them..had a good time and we took them out for dinner and then took Mom to Goodwill and then she showed us where she was born...I've seen it but she wanted to show Chris and Alicia...after that we stopped at the cemetary and then took a different route home...Mom likes to get out and about..
Sunday Kara and family were here for lunch and then later in the afternoon Levi and Kayla come too.. the guys went to the park to play ball with the boys and then they played with their RC trucks.
Today Alicia had to take Shawn to the dentist..he got hit in his front tooth by a bat at Little was not cracked all the way they just put a sealer on til Thursday when he will see a pediatric dentist...never heard of them before!!
Now for the pictures...

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