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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy Anniversary Kara and Terry!!

Kara and Terry were married 15 years ago on a nice hot, muggy June day!


marlene said...

Happy 15th Anniversary Terry and Kara.....I maybe that hot muggy day long ago.

Many Happy Anniversaries to you. Love Marlene and Jr.

kaymarvt said...

Guess what! Auntie Kayla got Mason thee cutest thing ever today! What are yous doing tomorrow? I can not wait to give it to him! :))))

Bill, Shanda, Kylie & Karena said...

Happy 15th guys :) Wow, yeah i remember that day :) hehe i was a BIT younger :) But that sure was a HOT day!! Those HUGE fans a going and a nasty storm that night!!