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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Emily and Erin are 7!!

This is a collage of pictures taken at the girls party on Sunday. We all had a good time together. It is hard to believe that they are seven and are big girls. We/I love you both. My doll clothes went over pretty good...Kylie had fun finding all the babies that needed to be dressed and then we dressed them.. We missed Levi and Kayla, but they came to the party at Monkey JO's on Monday...Granny got to help with driving a car load of girls to Appleton.
Today Alicia and I went to a girl who she works with and got a lot of baby a bassinet, swing, a bouncer and alot of newborn onesie and some toys for learning.. Getting that makes it seem more real...she had an appt yesterday and Dr. says all is well..
Oh! and Erin spent the afternoon crocheting booties for Kylie!!
Well, I tried to have the pictures of the sunrise and set to be after the above, but I don't feel like figuring it out it will be this way!!


Ben, Heather & kids said...

The girls are 7 already?! I remember when they were just born.. time flies I guess :)

Bill, Shanda, Kylie & Karena said...

Awesome site!! Cute post for the girls B-day!! We had soooo much fun Sunday!! :) So nice to see everyone again!!